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Register below the agenda. A registration is required for each attendee.


The conference starts at 10.00 UTC (Local time will be at 11.00)
Call +45 7060 5530 for more info or email
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TRAINING DAY #1, #2, #3 and #4 Tuesday, October 29th, 2024 (NEW)
We are planning four training sessions, two before lunch and two afterward. Topics could include Data Manager, ETOPS & Route Generation, PPS recurring training, and PPS advanced training. More information will be shared as soon as possible.

CONFERENCE DAY 1, Wednesday, October 30th, 2024
From 11.00 – 21.00

  • Registration, light refreshments, and lunch
  • Conference and meet industry vendors
  • Coffee/tea breaks will be held regularly outside.
  • Check into hotel rooms.
  • Dinner and vendor exhibition.

CONFERENCE DAY 2: Thursday, October 31st, 2024
From 9.00 – 15.00

  • Good morning in Auditorium A
  • Coffee/tea breaks will be held regularly outside the auditorium.
  • Time for individual meetings and/or visit the open Legoland Park.
  • The Legoland park is open for Halloween, and we want to invite you in.


Call our support team at +45 7060 5530 for more info.

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Register for USER GROUP 2024 here

Register for the USER GROUP 2024  here. One registration including a personal (unique) e-mail per person is required. Limited seats are available.

Attending requires a registration confirmation and a legal software license agreement with AIR SUPPORT.

You can only participate in the conference with a member badge. More information will be available after registration.

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